We Need to Do Better – The Search for Opiod Alternatives

From the news desk of UC San Diego Health: Krishnan [...]

Spinal cord stimulation and chronic pain: In the end it’s about the patient

Krishnan Chakravarthy writes in NeuroNews about how spinal cord stimulation [...]

Article – Intrathecal Drug Delivery and Spinal Cord Stimulation for Cancer Pain

Cancer-related pain affects approximately 9 million people worldwide each year, [...]

Dr Krishnan Chakravarthy speaking at Drug Delivery West – San Francisco May 21-22 2018

Dr Krishnan Chakravarthy will be speaking at Drug Delivery West [...]

Dr Krishnan Chakravarthy speaking at SBMT 15th Annual Congress – Millennium Biltmore Hotel in LA

Dr Krishnan Chakravarthy will be speaking at the SBMT 15th [...]

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Scientists find new benefit from inhaled anaesthetics to effectively combat lung infections

Lung viral and bacterial infections, like influenza and pneumonia, could [...]

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Anaesthesia may help us fight flu

Certain so-called "volatile" anaesthetics -- commonly used during surgeries -- [...]

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Buffalo nanotech firm ready to grow

A Buffalo nanomaterials firm is hoping a new investment deal [...]

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Quantum dots carry drugs sans damage

A novel technology using quantum dots is expected to have [...]

Combatting viral and bacterial lung infections with volatile anesthetics: an interview with Dr Chakravarthy

  Can you please give a brief overview of inhaled [...]

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