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Chakravarthy Lab – Collaborators

NanoApps Medical Incorporated




Our Lab is working in close collaboration with NanoApps Medical Incorporated, which aims to facilitate and expedite the translation of advanced nanomedical diagnostic, therapeutic, and health monitoring devices and systems (under development) to commercialization on a global scale.


United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention





We are also working with the Influenza Division at the CDC to develop new transgenic animal model reporter systems for the rapid testing of vaccine efficacy. Further, we are developing new gene therapy treatments as vaccine alternatives for seasonal and pandemic influenza.


UCSD Department of NanoEngineering /UCSD Center for Wearable Sensors





We are actively collaborating with several labs in the UCSD Department of NanoEngineering, specifically, Dr. Joseph Wang, PhD, and Dr LiangFang Zhang Laboratories, in employing nanotechnology to create enhanced diagnostic and therapeutic platforms for chronic pain management.


Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute





We are working with the Altman Clinical and Translational Research Institute, which serves as our primary site for conducting clinical trials. At present we are working on testing a novel TLR4 antagonist for managing persistent post-operative pain.


Abbott Laboratories (formerly St. Jude Medical)




We are clinically engaged with the Abbott Neuromodulation Division as relates to the burst spinal cord stimulator technology for chronic pain management.


Eisai Pharmaceuticals




Additionally, we are currently working with Eisai Pharmaceuticals to advance a novel treatment for post operative pain.